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Video Lessons From Fear of Guitar

This page is still under construction, so check back often for new video lessons. These videos represent the most current edition of Fear of Guitar. If you have an older copy, and the videos don't line up with the lessons, or some of the lessons don't appear in your book, I will be happy to get you the current edition. Click here to contact me.

Advanced Chords

Extended Chords

Slash Chords



Playing Melodies

Combining Chords and Melodies

Using Scales to Play Melodies

The 12 Bar Blues

Rock and Roll Rhythm Vamp

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

How to Jam     

Soloing With the Major Scale

Soloing With the Minor Scale        

Bluegrass Licks and Soloing


More on Chord Families

Learning Songs by Ear

The Songs

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