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Fear Of Soloing is a guide for guitarists that presents scales, modes and arpeggios in an easy to read format, with tips on how these melodic devices can be used to improvise over major, minor, 7th, major 7th, minor 7th and diminished chords.

Fear Of Soloing uses the C A G E D system to present scale/chord relationships. The C A G E D system is a system of arranging chords and scales on the guitar that uses five moveable interlocking scale and chord forms up the neck, making it easy to play chords, and solos in any key or position.

There are five basic open chords - C, A, G, E, and D. These chords can be turned into moveable chords, and played in any key up the neck, in all three chord families (major, minor and 7th). Once you turn these five chord forms into moveable chord forms, you can connect them in an interlocking pattern up the neck.

Just as the C A G E D system offers five ways to play each chord, it also gives you five ways to play any scale, mode or arpeggio. Developing a command of the fingerboard where you can play the same chordal or linear idea in five different places on the neck will eliminate “sweet spot” playing, and keep you from playing yourself into a corner.

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