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Fear of Guitar is a complete method for the entry level or advancing guitarist.

Part 1 addresses techniques and concepts
necessary to play most styles of music.

Part 2 delves into advanced, tutorials
on rock, blues, bluegrass, fingerstyle and jazz.

If you are a beginning player, you can work through Part 1, and be well prepared to
learn the styles of playing offered in Part 2. If you already play, the lessons presented in
Part 2 will give you a strong foundation in a variety of styles, and Part 1 can serve as a
reference in areas that you may not have already explored. Chord theory, triads, the
CAGED System, the Number System are just a few areas that are presented in Part 1. 
Fear of Guitar also includes more than 50 classic songs which enable beginning students
to apply chords and rhythmic techniques quickly, plus online videos that reinforce the lessons

Lessons in Fear of Guitar are available in video on this site.

Fear of Guitar video lessons.

Take a look inside  Fear of Guitar

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